Cycling With Us

Cycling with us

When you are planning to book one of our trips, it is nice to know what it will be like to ride with us, and how we make the experience work well for individuals as well as the whole group. So whilst we get to know you and adjust to what you want throughout the booking process, here are a few pointers;

  1. The main objectives are to enjoy the riding and the places we visit – even if that means altering the original route
  2. There is no need to ride as a peloton, or bunch. The front and back of the group need to stay in touch, but your guide for that day will arrange this
  3. Some people chat when they ride, some enjoy the solitude. We can accommodate either
  4. At some points of interest where we are exploring off our bikes, your bikes will be looked after at all times by your guides. We will agree what time we need to leave. Sticking to these times is part of the reality of touring with other people and we thank you for respecting that
  5. Stopping to take photographs, enjoy the view or simply relax is the main point
  6. We progress at the pace of the last person because of number 5 above. Where there are large differences in pace within the group we discuss these at major stops or when planning the following day’s activities. We will balance a pace that everyone can enjoy without the feeling that anyone is holding up the others
  7. If anyone wants to challenge themselves up a certain climb en route they are welcome to go ahead, but support is focussed on the main group and route
  8. You will probably be pleasantly surprised how much more distance you can cover when you ride with a few other people. This is due to company and encouragement, not peer pressure – see again point 5