Driving & delivery

Driving and delivery services

I am not a general carrier – my focus is on delivering people and / or equipment where there is a deeper connection to your activity or the destination.

If you need help getting your important equipment to the venue, you need to be confident that it will be transported with care. I will be pleased to get your vehicle, equipment and any of your team to where they need to go, whilst you can either relax or focus on your business, training or performance.

Operating in the UK and Europe you can call on route planning, help at either end of the journey with preparation, and a flexible approach to the schedule where necessary.

It’s the opposite of ‘ask no questions’ delivery.

How does the delivery happen?

    1. We agree what the critical issues are in your situation. These might be:
      • competition schedules, personal commitments or repairs which make the your departure time variable
      • the journey needs to be flexible because of stopping points en route
      • you need extra assistance at the destination to co-ordinate maintenance, assembly or team movements
      • your driver needs to be able to adapt to the atmosphere that you need to travel in – that can range between reflective, upbeat, noisy or silent
      • anything I have not mentioned – problem solving and special circumstances are my core offering!
    2. We agree dates, costs and how expenses will be paid
    3. We agree who will plan the route and the other logistics related to your needs
    4. You are then free to focus on your own needs in your own time

As you can see, I do not simply deliver parcels or people in seats. My service is flexible, considerate and mindful of the reason that the journey is being made.

Either send me some details on the form below, or contact me to discuss how little it can cost to gain that extra time for yourself and peace of mind.

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