Road Cycling Events

Sportives and other road cycling events

Competitive road cycling events (Road Races) and the road elements of triathlons and duathlons are described on this page.

If you already know what event you want to run and which skills you are looking for, contact me to discuss how we could work together.  Alternatively, you can read about what I bring by using the links about each type of event below.

Although they are all events for people cycling, each road cycling event has its own needs and calls for the right approach. Please use the links below to read more about different cycling events and the approach and skills that you can rely on me to provide.

Sportive or audax – long distance cycling event with the route signed and riders departing in groups. The main differences between sportives and audaxes are the duration and amount of support expected from the organiser.

Cycletta or Diva – similar to a sportive, these events are specifically developed to cater for  female cyclists.

Charity ride or sponsored event – several charities run their own versions of the popular one-day sportive. However, the atmosphere is very different and gives the cyclists extra satisfaction due to their fund-raising activities.

Equally, there are many ways in which you can cycle for charity. You can aim for distance, fitness levels or do a multi-day cycling expedition. Every endeavour deserves sensitive support for the charity to maximise the safety, enjoyment and fund-raising potential.

Training Runs

Whatever type of event you are planning, it can often be useful to provide training information and training runs for the cyclists. Although not a specialist cycling coach, I have experience and training in life coaching, building confidence and encouraging people to stretch themselves or progress their personal development.

Contact me to discuss the skills that I can offer to complement your plans.

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