Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Bike fitting makes the difference between feeling a part of your bike for a long day’s ride or struggling along with gritted teeth and an aching body.
I can carry out a careful introductory bike fitting for you to get used to. With a few more miles under your belt you can then consider whether to invest in a specialist service, and I can help you to find the right person.

Here is how it works:

  1. We discuss the type of riding that you aim to do, where your history might cause past injuries or experiences to cause tension
  2. We use measurements to fit the correct size components or make adjustments for the posture that will serve you best
  3. When you have ridden some miles we can fine-tune the bike as you adapt to the freer and more effective riding position. We can also discuss the benefits of a specialist fit.

Measurements alone will not give you the right, final tweaks that make the difference. By riding a little while you get used to a more fluid style that you may not have found by just sitting on a ‘correctly measured’ bike.

Providing you have a bike frame that is suitable for your body size, we can adjust a lot of things to make it feel part of you.

Contact me to discuss a bike fitting and how to start feeling at one with your bike.

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