Cycling Tours

Cycling tours and holidays

Do you organise holidays, expeditions or training camps? Do you need freelance help to complement your event team?

If so, you will want any freelance staff to fit in seamlessly with the core team. For your cycling tours you want to be able to rely on:

  • respect for well-practised routines and existing knowledge
  • quick learning from the experienced team members
  • willingness to act on initiative if something is unclear or knowledge is assumed
  • confidence to quietly question if instructions are not understood or a situation seems problematic
  • flexibility across a number of tasks (signage, navigation, first aid, mechanical, packing, preparing refreshments)
  • language and communication skills
  • a keen eye on physical and emotional safety
  • the ability to interact with the participants, both on a 1:1 or group basis

I’m able to bring evidence of training and experience in the skills that you need (see About me for a full resume) and an attitude that you can rely on.

Do contact me to discuss what I can bring to your cycling tours, holidays, training camps or expeditions.

Using a Motorcycle Escort

Have you considered that if you add a motorcycle escort to the usual group convoy (guide, signage team, luggage / food / mechanical team) on cycling tours, you could significantly increase the group size without compromising safety or quality?

My experience working on Etapes, sportives and charity rides has proved that a moto escort can:

  • look after a group of cyclists that are spread over a long distance
  • deal with minor mechanical repairs
  • assist with any incidents en route
  • replace signage
  • operate at the roadside with minimal obstruction to traffic and
  • ride alongside cyclists to reassure, inform and check progress.

So cycling tours can benefit from all of this as well.

There are good reasons why many cycling events rely on motorcycles, and riders get even more of a ‘pro team’ feel!

Contact me to discuss how a motorbike escort could benefit your tours.

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