Cycling Events and Bicycle Maintenance

Cycling Holidays and Sporting EventsCycling in France near Mont St Michel

Cycling events, tours and holidays need many skills to make them successful and full of good memories. Read on to appreciate the range of  quality help that is available.

If you are running a cycling event, a corporate activity or longer tour, Ed and a Bike can help. I work mainly in the UK and Europe and blend with your team from planning to delivery. Call on skills in route planning, logistics, Motorbike escort, cycling or lead guide, bike maintenance, driving support vehicles or safe delivery of sporting equipment.

Event Support and Bike Maintenance

An event is much more than a well-placed array of signs. The pre-event build-up increases confidence amongst the participants and reduces problems. Attention to mental well-being increases the enjoyment and opportunities for learning and development. A great event will bring people back to a local welcome.

The team running your cycling events, tours or activities will need to:

  • have a strong focus on the physical and emotional safety of participants
  • work well as a team,  even if team members have spent limited time together
  • be practical in solving problems and willing to adopt different roles
  • communicate effectively (whether with upbeat participants, un-confident riders, hosts and suppliers en route, other road users or local residents)
  • simply get things in the right place at the right time

Contact me if these things are important to you.

Do read more about:

  • Event support – specialised motorcycle outrider, driver and other practical support for races and road-based sports events. E.g. cycling, sportive, triathlon, duathlon, distance running, charity fund-raising etc.
  • Cycling Tours and Training camps – From rider / customer support to life coaching. Single or multi-day tours, training camps
  • Design and facilitation for corporate activity-based team and management development. Social rides and company health and fitness activities
  • Driving and delivery services to get your valuable equipment where it needs to be, in the UK or Europe
  • Bicycle maintenance for local customers or corporate / hire fleets
  • Planning projects and events – input into funding or planning your events or projects

This site is focused on my two-wheeled activities, contact me to discuss how we could work together.

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